Mega Moolah

With your typical 25 pay lines and 5 reels, you aren’t likely to find too much new with the Mega Moolah line-up. It’s simple and its effective, and that’s all that you really need from a quality slots game these days! The design itself is fairly simple, and although there’s nothing revolutionary going on there’s plenty of nice little bonuses and effects that can be made to really improve the features available.

If you want to play something that isn’t going to break the mold and leave you needing an instruction manual, but is going to be fun and enjoyable – easy to get into, as well – then Mega Moolah might be just what you need to get started and find a long-term betting solution.

The scatter symbols within the game are incredible powerful, and can award you anything from free spins to multipliers that make a huge difference to your overall capabilities. Three or more will award you with 15 spins for example, and this increases the more that appear on the screen at one any time. However, the games real features from its various progressive jackpots.

This lets life changing amounts of money get saved up by the players and makes releasing a massive amount of money into the crowd much simpler – the extra jackpots allow for many big winners regularly. The symbols used in the game are fairly generic, as are the bonuses, but the way that it divvies up the different jackpots is fairly unique. It helps to make sure there is a balance between who is getting paid and who is missing out, and guarantees the wealth is spread out across the various players and chat rooms that are involved in playing the game.

It’s got a lot of different charm to it when you compare it to some of the more generic games out there, and makes an excellent companion for anyone who wishes to have a long-term solution to their slots.

One of the big reasons that the Mega Moolah slot is so popular is because of its immense popularity when it first appeared. Although fairly old now in age, it’s got a lot of cool features that started trends like the extra jackpots and even the way that multipliers and coins work within the game. It’s one of the most powerful slot games out there at the moment and despite its age, you can still play it for years to come safe in the knowledge that this is your home of online slots!

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