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South Park Slot


Based on the incredibly hilarious – if a little out there – TV masterpiece South Park, this re-creation by Net Entertainment is just what you want to see when you think of South Park and the slots world. Creating a slots theme is harder than people give it credit for, but this is a genuinely well represented equivalent of one of the most enjoyable TV shows of recent times.

It’s known for being extremely crude and a little bit outlandish with its story arcs and opinions, but if you like your comedy to be on – or over – the line then South Park is for you.

If you like to play slots games with a bit of character about them, then this is for you as well. Set in the town of South Park that the show is based in, this is a game with some awesome bonus features and a wide selection of spins. With your typical 5 reels and 25 paylines this is the best way to make money that there is out there if you like your slots gaming to have a bit of magic attached to it.

You can bet as little as 25p per pin or as much as £125, it’s really up to you and depends what you are playing with. The creators of the game, Net Entertainment, are well-known for making games that offer more variety than the typical design and you’ll find plenty of variety in the South Park slots game – there’s a series of bonus rounds and mini-features that really help to add more to the personality and style of the game.

Each character has their own specific bonus round that can give you things like free spins, or a stake multiplier. It really does depend who you get and how many of them turn up – but you can really put your winnings into the stratosphere with a high enough bet and a welcome representation of the characters. This can bring you a series of coins or massive multipliers that can really help you top up the winnings column quite dramatically!

You also get three different Mini features that happen that are just nuts – they happen based on wild and scatter cards appearing, and these give you all the opportunities you need for a convincing win and a clean-up of the earnings column!

The various bonuses that you get from the Mini features are quite outrageous, and can include things like totally overtaking your spin to give you something even better or a nice multiplier!

Mega Moolah

mega moolah slot

With your typical 25 pay lines and 5 reels, you aren’t likely to find too much new with the Mega Moolah line-up. It’s simple and its effective, and that’s all that you really need from a quality slots game these days! The design itself is fairly simple, and although there’s nothing revolutionary going on there’s plenty of nice little bonuses and effects that can be made to really improve the features available.

If you want to play something that isn’t going to break the mold and leave you needing an instruction manual, but is going to be fun and enjoyable – easy to get into, as well – then Mega Moolah might be just what you need to get started and find a long-term betting solution.

The scatter symbols within the game are incredible powerful, and can award you anything from free spins to multipliers that make a huge difference to your overall capabilities. Three or more will award you with 15 spins for example, and this increases the more that appear on the screen at one any time. However, the games real features from its various progressive jackpots.

This lets life changing amounts of money get saved up by the players and makes releasing a massive amount of money into the crowd much simpler – the extra jackpots allow for many big winners regularly. The symbols used in the game are fairly generic, as are the bonuses, but the way that it divvies up the different jackpots is fairly unique. It helps to make sure there is a balance between who is getting paid and who is missing out, and guarantees the wealth is spread out across the various players and chat rooms that are involved in playing the game.

It’s got a lot of different charm to it when you compare it to some of the more generic games out there, and makes an excellent companion for anyone who wishes to have a long-term solution to their slots.

One of the big reasons that the Mega Moolah slot is so popular is because of its immense popularity when it first appeared. Although fairly old now in age, it’s got a lot of cool features that started trends like the extra jackpots and even the way that multipliers and coins work within the game. It’s one of the most powerful slot games out there at the moment and despite its age, you can still play it for years to come safe in the knowledge that this is your home of online slots!

Rainbow Riches

rainbow riches 1

If you like to head back down memory lane, then this might be the choice for you. One of the first Barecrest slot machines to be made available on the web, Rainbow Riches has a long history within the online gaming industry. It’s exactly the same as the one that you might find within your local pub, as well, except that the winning amounts and wagers have been increased to reflect the larger pool of players. Rainbow Riches brings you a traditional Irish setting, with leprechauns and other similar Irish-based symbols appearing.

Alongside the leprechaun standing next to the spinning wheel, you’ve got a pot of gold away in the distance just to give you that full Irish experience! It’s one of the most common themes out there for a slot game, but the old classics usually are the best! While you design and style of Rainbow Riches isn’t breaking too many barriers, it’s got a nice charm about it that can take old-school slot gamers back to their days huddled around the slot machine with their mates.

You get ten different symbols to learn, and they are typically Irish-themed like leprechauns and pots of gold. You can bet as much as £400 per run or you can bet as little as 20p, the choice is entirely yours. The bigger the better, obviously, and with 500x what you put on available as a multiplier the chances of changing your entire financial outlook down the line becomes much easier with the help of Rainbow Riches slot!

The main bonus round, Road to Riches, is one of the most powerful and commonly used parts of the game. The symbol of the leprechaun will make the bonus round start, and the more that appear the better your bonus can be, as well as the amount of positive spins that you get during the bonus round itself. The Pot of Gold round is the other bonus round, and it allows you to potentially win 500x your stake if you were to get 3 or more Pots of Gold within the middle three reels.

This is a simple yet thoroughly enjoyable slots game that has all of the popular character that made it so famous in the first place still intact. If you want to keep it simple, or if you want to make sure that you have a cool and effective slots game to play for years to come then this is the best place to get yourself started and moving forward!

Cleopatra Slots

cleo slots

Based on the ancient Egyptian queen and the many tales and myths that surround her existence, this is the perfect way to open you up to a far more balanced and enjoyable way of playing online slots. Most games have drab, pub-style designs about them and while some do break the mold, this really shatters through it. Transporting you to Ancient Egypt, you’ll find yourself laughing and marveling at the various sights and sounds that the game produces while you work away on winning those big jackpots that are available.

It’s run on many different game sites like Bingo Giving, Daily Mail Bingo and Pink Ribbon Bingo. This makes it widely popular due to the amount of websites that carry it, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to boost their selection of sites that they use while trying out something new.

Charmingly designed and made to offer something different to the chasing pack, this is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys this type of culture and point in history and who wants to see a change from the usual themes for online slots.

By depicting many awesome ancient Egyptian designs and styles, this really injects you into one of the most curious times of human history and gives you many unique symbols to pick from. With all-seeing eyes, staffs and canes, large numbering and even scarab paintings all making an appearance you get to pick from a wide variety of different themed logos and symbols along the way for maximum realism.

With 20 reels and 5 slots, you can bet as much as 5p-£1.00 per run and this allows you to really go all out and see what you can wind up winning. You can win as much as 10,000 times your wager, for example, if you manage to get 5 Cleopatra symbols present on the screen at once. However, if you manage to get into the bonus round – with three or more Sphinx appearing – then you will receive 15 free spins, and a triple bonus on any winning combo. Should you get 5 sphinxes to appear, though, you can win 100x your bet!

Take the charming world of Egypt into your heart with a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable online slots game that really stands out from the crowd. There are plenty of nice little nods to ancient history here along with a fast and enjoyable game speed that makes it easy to just relax and take at face value while you go.

Sugar Train Slot

sugar train

If you like your slots to be as sweet as your dessert, then going with sugar Train might be for you. Extremely bright and vibrant with a jovial style and really charming theme, this game also brings a wide selection of different systems to the forefront with some really awesome bonuses available to you if you play long enough. It follows the typical 5-reel, 25-payline style that so many different games rely upon and gives you plenty of different candies and sugar delights to make up the various images that can appear.

Whether it’s large lollypops, jelly babies, chocolate bars or cupcakes you’ll find that Sugar Train throws everything at you in an effort to engage your brain as well as your stomach! You’ll find yourself playing an extremely fast-paced game with a lot to do and not a lot of time to learn about it all, but you’ll also find that the game runs extremely smoothly because of the excellent Eyecon design team behind it. Eyecon are well reputed because of their excellent quality when it comes to making high-end online gaming programs and Sugar Train delivers that in abundance.

You’ll find sugar Train on most Dragonfish Network websites such as Prize Bingo, as well as Cassava-based sites like Wink Bingo & Costa Bingo. The game itself follows typical patterns but has a series of enjoyable bonus rounds that you can really go nuts in and have a wild time!

The first bonus round provides you with free games or a multiplier should you get more than three Gummy Bears. This is typically a 25 free spin reward. You’ll also get to use the Rainbow Feature which helps you out by letting you pick a prize that will benefit you’re playing potential in some way. Additionally, you also get to use the Gumball Grab which lets you try and grab it before the timer runs out and you could win up to 500x your original stake!

It’s these friendly little additions to the game that make it stand out so much – if you are looking to actually move forward with your online slots gaming variety then this is a good place to get started. it’s friendly, it’s new, it’s got a unique charm about it and makes the perfect choice for anyone who wants to just chill out and enjoy themselves on a cool, fresh & enjoyable slots experience.