South Park Slot

Based on the incredibly hilarious – if a little out there – TV masterpiece South Park, this re-creation by Net Entertainment is just what you want to see when you think of South Park and the slots world. Creating a slots theme is harder than people give it credit for, but this is a genuinely well represented equivalent of one... more →
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Mega Moolah

mega moolah slot
With your typical 25 pay lines and 5 reels, you aren’t likely to find too much new with the Mega Moolah line-up. It’s simple and its effective, and that’s all that you really need from a quality slots game these days! The design itself is fairly simple, and although there’s nothing revolutionary going on there’s plenty... more →
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Rainbow Riches

rainbow riches 1
If you like to head back down memory lane, then this might be the choice for you. One of the first Barecrest slot machines to be made available on the web, Rainbow Riches has a long history within the online gaming industry. It’s exactly the same as the one that you might find within your local pub, as well, except that the winning... more →
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Cleopatra Slots

cleo slots
Based on the ancient Egyptian queen and the many tales and myths that surround her existence, this is the perfect way to open you up to a far more balanced and enjoyable way of playing online slots. Most games have drab, pub-style designs about them and while some do break the mold, this really shatters through it. Transporting you... more →
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Sugar Train Slot

sugar train
If you like your slots to be as sweet as your dessert, then going with sugar Train might be for you. Extremely bright and vibrant with a jovial style and really charming theme, this game also brings a wide selection of different systems to the forefront with some really awesome bonuses available to you if you play long enough. It... more →
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