Game Of Thrones Slot

It ever a slot game was destined to become one of the most popular online it’s certainly the new offering from Microgaming. Featuring all the Game of Thrones excitement, except waiting for the dragons to grow up fully andwreak havoc all over the place (if ever something has been overdue it’s that), in fact if they don’t sort it soon I’ve vowed to stop watching – but enough about that! This slot has between 15 to 243 paylines and one particular feature we liked we choosing your bonus spins by selecting the house you wanted.

Prices start at 15p to 3 pounds per spin playing the 15 win lines and from 30p to 6 pounds a spin playing the full 243 win lines. We love the layout of this slot and have found it to be very pleasing on the eye. There are some top quality animations and plenty of random prizes to keep your interest high throughout the game.

To get onto the bonus game with the four houses to choose from you simply need to land 3 to 5 bonus symbols. Each house will give you a different number of free spins, choosing a lower amount will mean that the value of spins is higher and for more free spins the value will in turn be lower. game of thrones

Another of the prizes can be had when you land 2 iron throne symbols and a dragons egg covered with flames will appear and offer some red hot prizes.

So, if you’re a fan of the series then we highly recommend giving the Game Of Thrones slot a try. The graphics are stunning, the original theme tune plays throughout the game and all the symbols associated with the series are featured, providing for a really immersive gaming experience with plenty of rewards on offer too!


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