Cleopatra Slots

Based on the ancient Egyptian queen and the many tales and myths that surround her existence, this is the perfect way to open you up to a far more balanced and enjoyable way of playing online slots. Most games have drab, pub-style designs about them and while some do break the mold, this really shatters through it. Transporting you to Ancient Egypt, you’ll find yourself laughing and marveling at the various sights and sounds that the game produces while you work away on winning those big jackpots that are available.

It’s run on many different game sites like Bingo Giving, Daily Mail Bingo and Pink Ribbon Bingo. This makes it widely popular due to the amount of websites that carry it, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to boost their selection of sites that they use while trying out something new.

Charmingly designed and made to offer something different to the chasing pack, this is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys this type of culture and point in history and who wants to see a change from the usual themes for online slots.

By depicting many awesome ancient Egyptian designs and styles, this really injects you into one of the most curious times of human history and gives you many unique symbols to pick from. With all-seeing eyes, staffs and canes, large numbering and even scarab paintings all making an appearance you get to pick from a wide variety of different themed logos and symbols along the way for maximum realism.

With 20 reels and 5 slots, you can bet as much as 5p-£1.00 per run and this allows you to really go all out and see what you can wind up winning. You can win as much as 10,000 times your wager, for example, if you manage to get 5 Cleopatra symbols present on the screen at once. However, if you manage to get into the bonus round – with three or more Sphinx appearing – then you will receive 15 free spins, and a triple bonus on any winning combo. Should you get 5 sphinxes to appear, though, you can win 100x your bet!

Take the charming world of Egypt into your heart with a thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable online slots game that really stands out from the crowd. There are plenty of nice little nods to ancient history here along with a fast and enjoyable game speed that makes it easy to just relax and take at face value while you go.

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