Rainbow Riches

If you like to head back down memory lane, then this might be the choice for you. One of the first Barecrest slot machines to be made available on the web, Rainbow Riches has a long history within the online gaming industry. It’s exactly the same as the one that you might find within your local pub, as well, except that the winning amounts and wagers have been increased to reflect the larger pool of players. Rainbow Riches brings you a traditional Irish setting, with leprechauns and other similar Irish-based symbols appearing.

Alongside the leprechaun standing next to the spinning wheel, you’ve got a pot of gold away in the distance just to give you that full Irish experience! It’s one of the most common themes out there for a slot game, but the old classics usually are the best! While you design and style of Rainbow Riches isn’t breaking too many barriers, it’s got a nice charm about it that can take old-school slot gamers back to their days huddled around the slot machine with their mates.

You get ten different symbols to learn, and they are typically Irish-themed like leprechauns and pots of gold. You can bet as much as £400 per run or you can bet as little as 20p, the choice is entirely yours. The bigger the better, obviously, and with 500x what you put on available as a multiplier the chances of changing your entire financial outlook down the line becomes much easier with the help of Rainbow Riches slot!

The main bonus round, Road to Riches, is one of the most powerful and commonly used parts of the game. The symbol of the leprechaun will make the bonus round start, and the more that appear the better your bonus can be, as well as the amount of positive spins that you get during the bonus round itself. The Pot of Gold round is the other bonus round, and it allows you to potentially win 500x your stake if you were to get 3 or more Pots of Gold within the middle three reels.

This is a simple yet thoroughly enjoyable slots game that has all of the popular character that made it so famous in the first place still intact. If you want to keep it simple, or if you want to make sure that you have a cool and effective slots game to play for years to come then this is the best place to get yourself started and moving forward!

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