George Osborne

As always George Osborne made a very dramatic speech with plenty in there to stir the crowd and lots of points to strike home. He talked about fairer taxes that actually make sense, looking to point away from the idea that the Conservative Party is only out to play the poor and give to the rich. He also talked about something for something, and the policy that stopped non-working families from earning more than working families by capping benefits, something which many saw as unfair and the Labour Party voted against, yet an idealist view that rang very true to many hardworking families throughout the UK.

A dig at Tony Blair was also fired in there, stating that the Conservative leader will not wake up after years in power only to realise that they changed nothing for the better. Hopefully this will be so, and with the coming years the outlook will only get better for Britain with an increasingly expanding economy and a strengthening currency going forward together as one.


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