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David Cameron gave his speech at the 2012 Conservative Party Conference, delivered in a marvelous manner with many statement being made and talk of the fear and uncertainty which was present when the Conservatives came to power back in 2010. Now, with the help of the Conservative party and their initiatives and strong, solid leadership, Cameron claimed that the UK is truly back on track to where it wants to be.

With references to the questions asked of the UK and our uncertain place as a major industrial country he showed how we need to carry on making tough decisions and step up to the plate, showing just what we can do. Looking to the triumphs that had just recently passed, including the summer Olympics, the Jubilee and other events.

He also went on to talk about the referendum and how he wanted to keep our country united, now looking back we can see how much of a closer run thing than expected this turned out to be. However, the decision went with us and the UK remains in tact.

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